Maternal Care

This book consists of 15 theory chapters and 9 skills workshops which address all aspects of maternal care. Most participants take a year to complete the course.

Maternal Care was first published in 1993 and later revised in 1998, 2005, 2010 and 2012. By the end of 2009, a total of 27 000 copies of Maternal Care had been bought in South Africa.

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  • Chapter 1 Antenatal care
  • Chapter 2 Assessment of fetal growth and condition during pregnancy
  • Chapter 3 The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Chapter 4 Antepartum haemorrhage
  • Chapter 5 Preterm labour and preterm rupture of the membranes
  • Chapter 6 Monitoring the condition of the mother during the first stage of labour
  • Chapter 7¬†Monitoring the condition of the fetus during the first stage of labour
  • Chapter 8 Monitoring and managing the first stage of labour
  • Chapter 9 The second stage of labour
  • Chapter 10 Managing pain during labour
  • Chapter 11 The third stage of labour
  • Chapter 12 The puerperium
  • Chapter 13 Medical problems during pregnancy, labour and the puerperium
  • Chapter 14 Family planning after pregnancy
  • Chapter 15 Regionalised perinatal care


  • Skills workshop 1A General examination at the first antenatal visit
  • Skills workshop 1B Examination of the abdomen in pregnancy
  • Skills workshop 1C Vaginal examination in pregnancy
  • Skills workshop 1D Screening tests for syphilis
  • Skills workshop 1E Screening tests for HIV
  • Skills workshop 2A Routine use of the antenatal card
  • Skills workshop 3A Measuring blood pressure and proteinuria
  • Skills workshop 8A Examination of the abdomen in labour
  • Skills workshop 8B Vaginal examination in labour
  • Skills workshop 8C Recording observations on the partogram
  • Skills workshop 9A Performing and repairing an episiotomy

Maternal Care and Newborn Care together form the basic PEP course.