The authors of the PEP books

Beginning in 1989, the first two PEP books were written by a small team of paediatricians, obstetricians and nurses. Later, suggestions and comments by colleagues from all over South Africa were incorporated in an attempt to reach a consensus document on the care of mothers and infants. On an ongoing basis, the results of the final examination in the PEP course, together with ideas from participants, still help to identify minor problems or improvements. As new and better methods of diagnosing and treating patients are found, additions and changes are made to the PEP books. In this way, the PEP courses are revised and updated and able to meet the ever changing needs of perinatal care.

The same PEP format has been used to develop books which address other areas of health care in poor communities.

Many of the educational methods used in the PEP course were inspired by the Perinatal Continuing Education Programme (PCEP), a very successful and internationally used distance learning course in advanced perinatal care developed in the USA (