About PET

The Perinatal Education Programme (PEP) is produced and distributed by the Perinatal Education Trust, a non-profit organisation which aims to improve the care of pregnant women and their newborn infants, especially in poor, rural communities.

PEP presents a unique form of self training for health professionals which places the responsibility for continuing education on the participants themselves. It is cheap, appropriate, practical and does not require a teacher.

Two prospective trials have documented the effectiveness of PEP in improving theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, attitudes and patient care practices.

PEP offers an educational opportunity to all nurses and doctors who are not able to access traditional training programmes in maternal and newborn care.

It is widely used by both medical and nursing students. Although PEP was designed to address maternal and newborn care in South Africa, it would be relevant in other developing countries and poor communities in developed countries.

PEP learning material enables groups or individuals to manage their own continuing education courses. It may also be used in basic courses or formal training programmes.

PEP is presented as a range of books, which you can read online at www.bettercare.co.za/learn